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SMS CD Manufacturing...

SMS CD Manufacturing

NEED CDS? Whether it's 100 or 10,000, we have a solution that's right for you. Give us a call today (931) 498-4311 Monday-Friday 8-4 CST. SMS has been providing quality cds since 1991.


Glory Train Records...

Glory Train Records

WANT RADIO AIRPLAY? You've come to the right place. We still mail actual comp cds. Radio wants them and we deliver. We've done an independent survey and DJs still want to receive songs on actual comp cds. Glory Train Records is a compilation service that was established in 1993. "Our Mission" is and has always been to Spread the Gospel in Song around the world. It was created at a very affordable price that any serious-minded artist can afford. GET THE AIRPLAY YOU DESERVE! Still only $ 695.00. Glory Train is the LARGEST mailer to Gospel Radio! Get UNLIMITED AIRPLAY. We put YOUR SONG on a compilation CD and mail actual CDs to over 1000 USA Radio Stations and Hundreds Overseas Stations and to many more (unlimited) stations by MP3.


GTE Music Magazine...

GTE Music Magazine

4 Major Charts as well as a "Most Played Overseas Gospel Artist Chart" INTERESTING ARTICLES INCLUDE: "FRONT COVER STORY" "FROM THE ROBIN'S NEST" with Robin D. Bullock "BRANSON FRONTLINE" by Veeda Smith "RIDE THIS TRAIN" with Joanne Cash Yates "ANNA'S ANALOGY" - Anna Shields GTE Music Magazine was created with the Artist in mind. We offer Affordable Advertising for any serious minded artist, studio, label, etc. We can do this because we print In-House and pass the savings along to you.


Promise Promotions...

About Promise Promotions

Hello DJs and Fans! Here are the current songs being promoted to radio by Promise Promotions. Click on a link to hear one. DJs, if you do not receive cds from the comp service these songs are released on, let us know and we'll email you a mp3 on any of the songs. Fans, call your local radio station and request these songs.